The State of MMOExploiters

MMOExploiters, has changed. We are now Gamers Resources and are only publishing to a private group on Reddit. Only VIP members, can see the posts. You must be a current subscriber to MMOExploiters, a new subscriber, or submit original content to get access.

Current VIP Subscribers

Current subscribers can goto our Reddit Forums for Gamers Resources, and use the Contact the Mods form. A moderator will grant you access when you give your email or receipt number when you signed up.

Buy a Subscription

If you do not have a subscription and wish to get one, you can do so here. Pay and add your Reddit user name, we will grant you access within 24 hours.

Subscription Options
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Free Access

How to submit original content, for free access. In order to submit original content, write up your content, add your Reddit Username (as author), add a link if you want, and send a message to the mods on the Reddit forums. You must write it as plain text, it must be original, it will be evaluated and our users will have the choice to upvote or downvote your content. You get lots of upvotes, you get in, no charge. All we ask is that you stay active.

We know that some of you are still coming here to see content, so we have provided a list of the top 10 downloads in the last year, as well as a synopsis of what’s been posted in the Reddit forums.

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