Top 10 Most Requested Downloads 2018

Top 10 Most Requested Downloads 2018Our Top 10 Most Requested Downloads 2018 is a surprising list. There was no surprise on the files uploaded per se, but rather the surprise came in the last few months from those who wanted the latest release of Xenos Injector. We were getting upwards of 30k hits monthly to the page to download this file, back in October.

Now as a reminder, all the files are available to download to VIP members of Gamers Resourcesad free. If you aren’t yet a member you can read this post, on how to become one. You can pay or get a free membership.

Top 10 Most Requested Downloads 2018

  1. OWAimbot – Overwatch Aimbot
  2. Zygor_WoW_Guides – for World of Warcraft (We listed the latest one – v7.0.19441)
  3. kgFFXVguide – FFXV Player Guide
  4. Fallout4GamepplayGuide – Fallout 4 Guide
  5. LEGION_Fishbot – for World of Warcraft
  6. BLT_Skin_Unlock – for PayDay 2
  7. Nippys_Trove_Fishbot – Trove Fishbot
  8. TheDivisionCheatTable – The Division Game Hack
  9. m_turbotax_1040h_2016 – Turbotax 2016
  10. ESODragonknightGuide – Elder Scrolls Online guide for Dragon Knight

This final one, saw a lot of requests over the last few months, so goes in, as an honorable mention.

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